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lonely for her - dan/blair fanmix

Fandom: Gossip Girl
Subject: Dan/Blair
Title: lonely for her
Notes: I'm obsessed with Dan/Blair. 10 songs in a .zip file. Comments are much appreciated!

sun is out, the sky is blue, and all i do is dream of youCollapse )

fic: easy girl to hold (payson/sasha)

Title: easy girl to hold
Pairing: Payson/Sasha
Length: 1295~
Summary: And then he does something. It’s probably a stupid idea, but he does it anyway.
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own anybody or anything mentioned in this fic.
Notes: I've been writing so much Payson/Sasha lately... This one still doesn't feel exactly right but I was sick of staring at it, so here you go! Constructive criticism is definitely welcome and appreciated! :)


Sasha wants to live in this momentCollapse )

olive & an arrow - sam/quinn fanmix

Subject: Sam/Quinn
Title: olive & an arrow
Notes: A mix focusing on Sam's feelings for Quinn. 12 songs in a .zip file. Enjoy!

with you, i'm brighterCollapse )